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Reasons Your Home Didn't Sell

1. Price  If your house is overpriced it will be less attractive to buyers.  Overpricing will only help your competition.  Every seller obviously wants to get the most money for his or her house. Ironically, the best way to do this is NOT to list your house at an excessively high price! A high listing price will cause some prospective buyers to lose interest before even seeing your property. Also, it may lead other buyers to expect more than what you have to offer. As a result, overpriced properties tend to take an unusually long time to sell, and they end up being sold at a lower price.

2. Condition  If you're not willing to do improvements yourself then you need to lower your price to reflect this.  To get Top Dollar you need to offer a home in Top Condition.

     Landscaping- Make sure your lawn is in good condition, your trees and shrubs trimmed and fresh mulch added as needed.  Plant some flowers to add color to your landscaping.  Put flowering plants near the front door.

     Exterior of Home- Make sure there is no clutter in the yard, windows cleaned, if necessary pressure wash driveway and sidewalk and make sure front door is in good condition since this will make a good first impression. Consider painting or staining the front door; it's one of the least expensive ways to spruce up the entry.

     Interior- Make sure Kitchen is Clutter-Free!  Remove excess furniture, cluttered furniture will make a room look small.  Clean carpets and paint (unusual paint colors) where needed.  Organize closets. Declutter the house by packing up family photos, stacks of paper, medicine bottles on the bathroom counter, the books overflowing the bookcase. Hide trash cans, ashtrays, the laundry hamper, the kitchen sponge, the cat's litter box and food dishes. Always make sure the smell of your home is appealing especially if you have animals.  Use candles or potpourri scents.  Even if the house is nice a smell can turn people off.

3. Difficult access to property  You need to make sure that your home is easily accessible to Realtors and buyers. There are plenty of homes like yours on the market and if they are easier for Realtors to access they will skip showing your home if it is too much trouble. Using a lockbox will allow agents to show your home while you are away. Typically a Realtor who wants to show your home will call the listing agents office to schedule an appointment. This way a record is kept of who entered the property. Also, the electronic lock boxes keep a record of who accessed your home so your agent can contact them for feedback. It is likely that your home will be skipped if you make it difficult to show.

4. Strengths of property location not emphasized  Real estate is all about location, and some locations are clearly better than others. Obviously, if your location is outstanding it is easier to sell your home.  The real challenge in selling a home is when your location is not good. For example, if your home is on a busy street you can use hedging or a wall around the property to block unwanted views and reduce noise. If you have a nice view, make sure it is not obstructed and add a sitting area to capitalize on the views.

5. Realtor's Poor Marketing Plan  Make sure the Realtor you hire has a proven marketing plan. Most buyers work with a Realtor so it is imperative that your agent is actively marketing your home to other agents as well as buyers. A good agent should provide you with periodic marketing reports to demonstrate what marketing activities they are using. They should also provide you with feedback from other agents and potential buyers to help improve the salability of your home.  It’s important to make sure that you hire a professional who will be open and honest with you about the sale of your home.

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